Saturday, 21 March 2009

First Day of Spring and the Easter Bunny

Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring, and working outside in the sun all day it certainly felt like it. Bees were buzzing around and the sky was a wonderful blue.
Today we were treated to sunshine yet again and, with our fingers crossed, traveled to a nearby farm that is said to be a reliable site for Little Owls. Unfortunately this was about our sixth visit and we still have not seen them. Never mind, one day! A nice surprise however was in store for us as we drove down the lane back towards the main road. Before we reached the road we passed a green field when Mum suddenly spotted something out amongst the crop. A brown Hare, the original Easter Bunny. A wonderful sight! The Hare was feeding on the growing shoots and seemed fairly un-bothered about the car's presence. We watch for a few minutes until the animal lopped slowly away into the long grass and hedge at the edge of the field.

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