Sunday, 5 April 2009

Brighton Rock

This Saturday we travelled down to Brighton for the evening. The tide was high and the sun shone brightly, and there were a lot of people having a good time. Some were roller-skating, others skate-boarding, some playing volley-ball, football, basket-ball, others sitting in groups on the beach or outside the bars, talking, laughing and drinking, some just walking along the promenade hand in hand, pushing buggies/prams or with a dog on a lead beside them. With the sea rolling across the pebbles on one side and tall white balconied buildings lining the other it was a typical English seaside scene. The charred remains of the burnt west pier stood out starkly against the sun-bright sea and sky, like a child's half finished matchstick model. As the sun sank slowly towards the horizon the buildings of the city skyline showed as purple silhouettes and the pier lit up like a Christmas tree.

And here's one for Jean and Kevin: the wonderful view from their front door! Thank you for the tea and biscuits!

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