Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Yesterday morning the people of Sussex and Hampshire waited with baited breath, for this was the day they had all been working for for so long; the announcement of the results of the public inquiry into the boundaries of the proposed South Downs National Park. The South Downs Campaign have been fighting for a National Park for 20 years. Two years ago I joined their ranks, I joined protest walks, photo-calls, banner waving, carried a petition clipboard and was even interviewed by the BBC in the fight to 'include the Western Weald'. I was on the TV...only for about 10 seconds but I said my piece!

We voted with our pens, our feet, our voices. We stood up and we were counted. It has been announced that there will be a South Downs National Park that includes the Western Weald!! A wonderful result. Long live people power!

The Western Weald

If you have stood upon the Downs,
Whilst flowers dance about your feet,
With butterflies on dainty wings.
If you have watched a soaring speck,
And listened to it’s skylark song,
Wondering how it stays, aloft so long?
If you’ve ever seen a Red Kite glide,
On the thermals where Buzzards hang,
Watching a Hare, as through the grass it ran
You may never have travelled down the hills,
To the valley that lies below.
Here you can wander through village streets
Where coloured bunting blows, and
Children’s laughter echoes, across the green.
Where you can feel the scented south west wind,
From across the flowering Lowland Heath,
And Honey Bees hum to the warmth of the sand.
Will you stop to stand and stare?
And wonder, what would life be like?
If these places, were no longer there?
All could be, so easily lost,
If we don’t stand up, and show we care.

We voted with our pens, our feet, our voices.

We stood up and we were counted.

Sophie May Lewis
© S-May 2007

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