Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Romney Marsh and Dungeness, Kent - spring holiday 2009

Friday 24th April

Today we had another sunny day. We spent the morning at Tenterden; a lovely friendly, bright cheerful town. The wide high-street is lined with trees such as Planes and wide grass verges separate the road from the pavements. Several rows of beautiful cottages with long front gardens full of plants and flowers line one side of the street for a little way with cafes, restaurants and shops lining the rest. We went to look at Tenterden railway station, a quaint old steam station with a wonderful garden and old signals and buildings etc. The platform was even furnished with old packing cases and trunks alongside the benches, lanterns and old advertisement signs. It was like stepping back in time and I could almost imagine the people; business men in suits coming home from work, a family with children excited about their holiday, an elderly lady welcoming home a son on leave from the army, a young girl saying a tearful goodbye to her true love leaving for a long trip...

In the afternoon we visited a adorable little village called Woodchurch. In the summer sunshine it was a lovely place; pretty houses clustered round the village green – a fenced front garden a little path to the front door and four windows two each side and two upstairs and chimneys above. The village green was being mowed and the smell of freshly cut grass added to the feel of a traditional English village. The church and two pubs were further along the street as was the tiny butchers shop. At the top of the hill a white smock mill stood proud, the sole survivor of a pair of mills, its twin sadly demolished, neither mill used since 1926.

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