Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Romney Marsh and Dungeness, Kent - spring holiday 2009

Thursday 23rd April
Today we visited a beautiful Oak wood with a carpet of Bluebells. The woodland floor was a mass of Bluebells. Primroses, Stitchwort and Violets flowered near the entrance and Bluebells and Windflowers further in. The main trees were Oak and Hazel and the woodland was edged by ancient Hornbeam trees, once coppiced to form a kind of hedge. These trees had seeded themselves across the wood creating a dense understory in places. The light through the trees was an amazing lime green. There is something special and unique about an English Bluebell woodland, the light and colour, the bird song, the atmosphere and even the smell; a wonderful mixture of flowers and earth with a hint of spring sap. The tree tops were alive with small birds, all calling and singing. A small dark brown vole and a tiny lizard were also seen amongst the undergrowth.

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