Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Romney Marsh and Dungeness, Kent - spring holiday 2009

Wednesday 22nd April

Early in the morning we went down to the beach at Greatstone-on-sea and took some photos of the expanse of sand. We then drove to Hythe to buy some lunch and drove along the Saxon Shore-way. The Saxon Shore-way is so called because it is the higher ridge along the northern edge of Romney Marsh to which the sea would have reached before the levels dropped. The marsh is now crisscrossed with ditched to keep it drained and protected by a sea wall along the coast. On the higher ground above the marsh old Oast houses can be found, all that we have passed now converted into living accommodation. We have not yet seen a single field of hops. However we have passed a few orchards, several of which appeared to be being restored and replanted by the owners. It was nice to be driving through woodland again after the flatness of the marsh. The majority of the marsh trees are Willows but up here it was ancient hornbeam coppice, hazel and oak. The Bluebells are flowering on sunny banks and the supporting cast of Windflowers and Primroses are still going strong.
At sunset we returned once more to the beach at Greatstone-on-sea. It was low tide and the massive expanse of the flat sand was staggering. The sand dunes made nice silhouettes against the sun.

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