Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Romney Marsh and Dungeness, Kent - spring holiday 2009

Tuesday 21st April
Today we drove a scenic route around some of the little villages and churches across Romney Marsh. The road winds between ditches and fields; occasionally edged by a row of Poplar trees or a Hawthorn hedge. Many fields are shining bright yellow in the sunshine with masses of flowering Rapeseed whilst other are covered by a green blanket of green grass like leaves; Wheat. Many more are grazed by sheep, now accompanied by tiny lambs which resemble the cute fluffy toy sheep you might give a child. Due to the flatness of the land we often spotted the town or spire of the church long before we got there but the roads were very wiggly and often seemed to go in the wrong direction!
Most of the churches in the villages such as Ivychurch were flanked by beautiful blossom trees. At Ivychurch they were pink and contrasted lovely with the stone of the church walls. At Appledore they were white and were equally lovely. It was in the ditches at Appledore that we heard our first Marsh Frogs. These famous amphibians were brought into Kent in the 1930s for a garden pond and have now spread successfully across the whole marsh. Some people have said the curious loud laughing croak keeps them awake at night!
At lunchtime we went to Rye. About 5 generations back I had family living here and it was a strange feeling to walk along the cobbled streets beside the church and think I could be walking in their footsteps. The view from the top of the hill across some of the dock/boat yard, across yellow Rapeseed fields to a large wind farm.
We drove back via a quaint little church, surrounded by ditches, sheep and marshland. The nearest houses were several fields away and the church had no electricity; powered by candle light.

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