Sunday, 14 June 2009

Harting Down, 12th June 2009

A beautiful sunny day upon the South Downs above the little West Sussex village of Harting. The blue skies were filled with the sound of singing Skylarks, and beyond our feet stretched a carpet of wildflowers, including pink splashes of Common Spotted Orchids. Several butterfly and day-flying moth species could be found flitting about from flower to flower alongside the numerous Bumblebees. By far the most numerous of these was a day-flying moth species called the 'Five-spot Burnet'. This stunning red and black moth looked fantastic against the brilliant yellow of the Buttercups.

View of Harting village from the downs

Five-spot Burnet moth

A mating pair!
Female Nemophora degeerella (longhorn moth)
Dingy Skipper
Green Hairstreak Butterfly
Burnet Companion (day-flying moth)

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