Sunday, 20 September 2009

Mid September

English Autumn is really kicking off now as we progress through September. The nights are drawing in but there has been little sign of any early morning mists. In fact, the weather has been quite dry for the last few weeks with nothing more that a few scattered showers. Whilst Burton Mill pond still looked quite full when we visited last weekend, on our walk around Pulborough Brooks RSPB Nature Reserve this afternoon we were surprised to see how low the water level was. It was slightly reminiscent of a TV documentary on an African water hole in the height of the dry season!
Here is a selection of Photos that I have taken over the last few days...
Touch Down!
Mute Swan, Chingford pond Burton mill

Spider's web strung between sunlit Yew berries

Seed heads of Greater Burdock, Burton Mill pond

Greeny-grey lichen, Midhurst Common

Dew covered Acorn, Midhurst Common

The intricate seed head of a Hogweed

There are still a few butterflies flitting about. This one is a Speckled Wood, one of half-a-dozen dancing in the dappled sunlight.

The Bracken is slowly turning from lush green to crispy brown.

The sunlight filtering through these Oak leaves reminded me of a churches' stained glass windows.

Many of the spiky cased Sweet Chestnuts were blown from the trees by gusty wind a few nights ago.

This fantastic Dragonfly with its huge eyes and lacy wings is a ferocious hunter, turning 'on a sixpence', chasing, catching, and often consuming flying insects in mid-air. this particular specimen is called a Common Darter.


  1. Hi Sophie!
    Great photos. I especially like the Swan coming in for a landing.
    We were lucky enough to visit England and Wales(my dad's home!) two years ago and we can't wait to visit again!

  2. Thanks Dave! Its wonderful to know that people as far away as you are following my blog!

  3. I must say though, I get rather 'behind' on visiting everyone!
    My family is from Wales, my brothers and I are the first of the U.S. side of our family. We had a holiday in England and Wales the year before, what a great time!

    Good luck with the new park opening!