Saturday, 24 October 2009

Show Horses and Work Horses

Ploughing teams came from all over the country to compete in this years' championships and the show ring shone with glossy coats and colourful ribbons in the autumn sunshine.

Decked out in ribbons

Waiting for the judging

Polished brass

Team strategy chat

A tight turn

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Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association, "Great All England Horse Ploughing Championships and Show of Heavy Horses" 18th October 2009

Help The Heros
Found this cheeky little character and his friends, collecting money for 'Help the Heros' charity at The Ploughing Championships and Heavy Horse Show, held this year at Slade Farm, Rogate, West Sussex. If you see them around the county please give any loose change you can spare to this worthy cause.

Jack Russel 'Lucky', outside his beautifully restored Gypsy Vardo in the miday sun.

'Bonnie' the tavelling horse.
Lucky's friends relax beside the Vardo.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Name Dropping!

Not satisfied with having my photo taken with Brian Blessed, Chris Packham, and Mike Dilger, I have now added Ben Fogle to my collection! Long Live the South Downs National Park!

7.45 am Sunlight and Fights of Fancy

A couple of hours in Petworth Park catching some early morning rays.

Flights of Fancy - Birds of Prey, Autmn Countryside Show, Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Singleton