Sunday, 31 January 2010

Today is the last day of January

With February on our doorstep, soon to be followed by March and April, I find my thoughts turning increasingly to the Spring and the following Summer.
Summer for me would not be the same without butterflies, particularly the 'Blues' of the South Downs.
One of these 'Blue Species' is the fabulously tiny, yet totally entrancing, Silver Studded Blue, a specialist of Lowland Heathland and the inspiration for this poem.

The Dance of the Butterflies

Between the Bracken, below the Birch,
A streak of orange, an flash of blue,
Amongst a shaft of golden sunlight,
Upon fast moving wings.

The Butterflies dance in spirals round,
The purple Heather flowers.
They dance to silent music,
From purple wind-blown bells.

The Grasses blow and nod their heads,
Trees whisper in the breeze,
And still entranced by purple bells,
Dance the Butterflies of the heath.

Sophie May Lewis
© S-May 2010

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