Friday, 24 December 2010

Friday, 17 December 2010

A Winter Wonderland


Thick frost edges every leaf and twig in crystal white, a dusting of 'icing-sugar' on rooftops, cars, and gardens. Puddles where children splashed in wellies freeze to ice and the rustle of autumn leaves turns to a crisp crunch. As the month gradually creeps towards Christmas, colourful lights begin to appear, shining from each window and front porch, and strung across from shop front to shop front along the city streets. The frantic buying of presents and festive food leaves many shelves bare and busy shop staff hurrying to re-stock. Cattle with steaming breath huddle around feeders filled with hay by a sympathetic farmer who stamps his feet to warm numb toes. Anyone with traveling planned keeps a wary eye on the weather forecast and children peer eagerly out at wintry skies, dreaming of promised snow, Santa and flying reindeer, and lovingly wrapped presents under the Christmas tree.

West Sussex - December 2010