Saturday, 1 January 2011

Winter Birding

- Coot skating on Frozen Ice, Ivy Lake, Chichester Gravel Pits -

The recent spell of ice, snow and freezing temperatures has given way to damp, murky days of gloomy fog. I was able to squeeze in a days birdwatching however, as the ice thawed and before the fog descended!
I was rewarded by breathtaking sights of skies filled with calling Geese, water edges crowded with Ducks and Waders, and a close encounter with a stunningly beautiful, and amazingly trusting, Little Egret.

- Brent Geese Flocks at Nutbourne, Fishbourne Creek, near Chichester -

- A Handsome Little Egret, Pagham Harbour LNR, Sidlesham -