Wednesday, 18 May 2011

You Can't Help But Smile When You See A Butterfly

With the Butterfly season well underway, and with spirits boosted by long days of warm sunshine, a well earned day off work provided my good friend Anna and I a welcome chance to get out in the fresh air for a day of picnics and butterfly chasing! Refusing to allow the unfortunately grey and damp weather to put us off, we were soon entranced by hundreds of Speckled-yellow Moths dancing between the grass and bracken stems. Sadly neither of our target butterfly species that we had hoped to see (Duke of Burgundy and Pearl Bordered Fritillaries) decided to come out to play, but we did find many Small Blues; an incredibly tiny and dainty butterfly, with wings that appear to be made from charcoal grey velvet with a dusting of shimmering blue. Other species included several Common Blues, a rather sleepy Small Heath, and a ‘moth-eaten’ Speckled Wood!

Aside from the butterflies, other insects were on the wing and creeping about in the grass and bushes; large turquiose lacewings, green shieldbugs, crab spiders and meadow ants, black and red foghoppers, beetles that look like wasps and every (grown-up!) child's favourite tank-like woodlice! A camera shy Common Lizard watched us from upon a dead leaf left over from last autumn, tucked between the tall grass stems.

Photographing butterflies makes you look much more closely at them and the intricate details of these beautiful creatures never fails to amaze me.

Small Blue Butterfly

Common Blue Butterflies

Unidentified lacewing Species - Yes it really was bright turquoise!

Butterfly on finger - a childhood moment of magic

April - Flower of the Month

English Bluebells