Thursday, 16 June 2011

Heaven is a Blue Butterfly

I have always thought that there is nothing quite the same as a summer afternoon on a lowland heath; the warmth of the sand, the smell of the heather, the hum of bees. The rustle of birch leaves and the crunch of the pine cone carpet. Grasshoppers singing their zinging songs.
A shimmer of silver, a flash of blue, do Fairies dance at the edges of your sight? Look closer, between the heather bells and quivering grass and you may spy a dainty winged butterfly of minute detail, striped antennae and furry body, delicate iridescent blue studded with silver and orange jewels. A sudden movement, a shadow or gust of wind and its gone, up and away, flitting over the short cropped heather. As you watch it fly you see another emerge, and again another. The sun creeps out from behind a cloud, bathing all in warm golden light, and more butterflies appear almost from nowhere, a cloud of silver and blue that flitters and floats and dances all around.

Silver Studded Blues, Stedham Common, Nr Midhurst, Western Weald, West Sussex

So if you find yourself driving past a lowland heath on a sunny afternoon this summer, park up and leave the car, the world and its rushing and worries behind and take a moment to sit, or lie on the short grass by a sandy path. Listen for the Lark or Pipit's song, marvel at the agility of hunting Dragonflies, watch the ants as they march in lines to and from their pine-needle castles, and let dancing Blue Butterflies transport you to a world of new perspectives.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

May - Flower of the Month

Wild Rose

I have always thought of these flowers as blooming in June, but this year, the hedgerows already seem to be overflowing with pink and white Wild Roses.