Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Typical January day

"I see skies of grey, and rainclouds loom, above snowdrops white and yellow primrose blooms. And I think to myself, what a wintery world"

Its a bit gloomy today; everything is damp and the sky is a blank pale grey. Drizzle is falling and makes ripples on the surface of the small pond in my garden whist the tree behind the house shows black, its bark darkened by rain, in stark contrast to the neutral sky. But from the damp ground, new shoots are appearing. Snowdrops nod their delicate white heads under the shelter of the fence and Primroses tentatively turn their lemon yellow faces, to the weak winter sun. 
The Wood Pigeons, like last year, are once again attempting to nest in the rafters of the open garage and parties of Blue Tits dive through the gardens, pausing on the feeders to steal a sunflower seed or two. 
Starlings sit in the top of the Oak, arguing and chattering with sounds that sound like they belong in a Star Wars movie and huge flocks of Goldfinches, easily 30 or 40 individual birds, tumble from the tree's branches in a swirling mass, seeming almost unable to make their minds up which direction to go. Some head for the feeders in mine and my neighbours gardens whilst others disappear off only to reappear moments later as if the wind had blown them back into the tree. 

The week did not start with damp mild weather however. The last two days have been cold, and yesterday morning, frost etched each leaf and twig with glistening crystals and pot-hole puddles froze to ice. At the local pond, a sheet of ice enclosed the water and trapped the fingers of overhanging tree branches if its wintery grip. After weeks of mild weather, the cold surprised the fingers, ears and noses of all who ventured outside unprepared! 

This tree is a large oak close to my home, photographed across a farmland field. I am thinking of photographing this view at regular intervals throughout the year, to track the changes of the seasons - time lapse style. So watch this space!

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