Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Blashford Lakes, Woodland birds and Woodland deer

As January passes into February, clear skies and a north east wind have sent overnight temperatures plummeting. It is pretty cold during the daytime too!! We have not seen much really cold weather so far this winter and everybody seems to be feeling the chill. The frost and ice doesn't seem to be bothering our pair of garden Robins however, who after some territorial squabbling over the past few weeks, seem to have sorted out their differences and now forage through the seeds and crumbs on the bird table and hanging feeders side by side quite happily. Sometimes one will be singing quietly from a hidden spot in a nearby small tree whilst the other feeds. 
On Monday I, and my folks, visited Blashford Lakes near Ringwood in Hampshire, a nature reserve managed by Hampshire Wildlife Trust. As is often our luck we managed to pick the one day this week, without a clear blue sky and frosty morning but instead drove into rain, and then snow, and even when that cleared, the clouds remained. Nevertheless we had a wonderful visit. My personal highlight was the fantastic close views of Redpoll and Siskin, along with many other woodland birds, on the numerous feeders and from the one-way windows of the hides. A small group of roe deer also bounced past the hide. one young male paused just long enough for his photo to be taken.
Despite the gloomy weather I got a few shots which I was quite pleased with.

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