Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sunshine between the rain

Every year, I always find it amazing how quickly the countryside and gardens change from winter battered grey and brown, to fresh luminous green. This week's rain showers have triggered a rush of growth and the road side verges are beginning to fill with the white-lace-blossom of cow parsley and the bright pink of herb robert whilst the woods are carpeted with bluebell and dogs mercury. The bright new green of the emerging leaves on the oak, the beech and the linden trees stands out in beautiful contrast against the rain-darkened trunks and leaden skies, highlighted by sunshine breaking through a gap in the clouds. 

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  1. May is my favourite calendar month, surpassing even October for colour and natural beauty. It is a time of great hope and optimistic joy, as summer is near and the daytime lengthening by three minutes every 24 hours. I've just started a May photo diary on my website, if you'd like to see it.