Friday, 7 September 2012

My favourite time of year

September. My favourite time of the year! Mornings, cool and misty, fill our heads with thoughts of autumn as the berries ripen and geese migrate across the sky, but by noon, woolly jumpers and coats are shrugged off as the land basks under blue skies and warm sunshine, whilst from dawn till dusk the harvesters work every hour of daylight and beyond to bring in the crops before the weather breaks. Some of the leaves are starting to show signs of wear and greens are dulled by summer dust. In the hedgerows wasps and bees buzz between swelling fruits of varying hues and flower buds are forming in the ivy. Rowan trees are already heavily laden with fruit, their boughs bending under the weight. Autumnal country pursuits are getting under way with the game shooting and hunting seasons approaching whilst country shows provide ample opportunity for a spot of networking, shopping and of course some friendly competition and showing off. The countryside in autumn has always been a source of poetical inspiration to me, and at this time of year there is nothing better than to take a walk along the lanes or past the local allotments, or potter in the garden and soak up the beauty of the season, whilst still enjoying all the benefits of gloriously warm summer sunshine, the company of bees and the late-blooming flowers.

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