Saturday, 22 September 2012


Each morning, at approximately 9am, my garden bird feeders are invaded by a mob of starlings. Noisy and argumentative, messy and greedy they are non-the-less beautiful and very amusing. Their calls always make me wonder if they have seen Star Wars and are pretending to be Jedi Knights and Storm Troopers! The local pairs had a reasonably good breeding season and it is mainly a group of young birds that visit us at the moment, a few brown feathers remaining on their heads and necks revealing their age. The morning sun shining on their feathers inspired these few lines...

Sequin studded satin, ruffled and creased.
Black dagger-beaks a-gape, begging, threatening.
Hanging and twisting, a flap and a flurry.
A rattle, a squabble, and a whistling song.

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