Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Magical Forest

Standing in the green wood, I looked up at the chinks of sky where the sun slants through the canopy
and felt a desire to hold my arms spread wide, slowly turn on the spot soaking up the wonder of the majestic trees as the branches and leaves moved above me like the patterns in a kaleidoscope.
Watching the wind blow through the leaves, just the same as it blew through my hair, it seemed as if the trees were laughing, were singing, inviting me to join them in their dance like the the wood dryads and faeries in stories of old.
On a magical autumny day like that who couldnt be inspired to jot down a few words?....

If I were a tree I could feel the breeze blowing through my hair, 
I could wave my hands madly in the air and say horrah! look at me!
I could giggle as a tickly squirrel runs up my bark and throw nuts at people passing by!
I could bask in hot sun and soak up the rain, and bend in the wind with a sigh.
If I were a tree I would grow tall and strong and give shade to flowers
that grow round my feet, that I feed with leaves dropped after last of the summer's heat

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