Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Dogs and Downs, a day on the Goodwood Estate

Wednesday 14th November

A grey dawn preceded a glorious day. Bright sunshine fell from an endless sapphire sky, highlighting tree-top leaf and rolling hill side. Long dark shadows, growing and shrinking with the passing hours and movement of the sun, crept across golden stubble from the woodland edge where an audience of beech and oak, ash and chestnut shivered gently in the breeze, bronze and orange leaves swirling to the ground. Those fields not embroidered with golden stubble, stretched as textured green carpets, emerald growth fed by a warm wet season past. The sun was surprisingly warm by mid day, coats and jumpers were shed and thrown in the back of mud splattered Land Rovers. Dogs and men alike revelled in the sense of space, the rolling view that poured before them, highlighted by caressing sun and running shadows  breathing deep the fresh clean air. Friendly banter echoed across the fields, spirits lifted by a shared unspoken love of life, of moment, of place.   

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