Monday, 26 November 2012

Jubilee Orchard - a community project

Friday 23rd November. Planting day!
This time last year the local Rotary Club had an idea. they wanted to plant a tree, or some trees to mark the Queen's Jubilee in 2012. through discussions with interested people including the Cichichester District Council, the idea developed and the result was a fantastic community project; A Community Orchard. in total 35 trees were sponsored by a variety of individuals, businesses and organisations in the Midhurst area.  The trees themselves were donated by Rotherhill Nurseries who also provided planting and care advice. Apples, pears, plums and cherries all featured in the 35. 
Throughout the week wet day followed wet day, the skies seemed to get ever darker as rain fell persistently and gales raked through the tree tops, howling round the sides of buildings where people eyed the weather forecasters on TV with gloomy disdain. 
At last the planting day arrived and with it, the clouds parted and sunshine was greeted with relieved smiles and happy banter as the volunteer hole diggers got to work. The day remained fine and the afternoon saw tree sponsors and other local folk alike smiling with satisfaction at the new orchard that now graces Jubilee Path, nr South Pond and Taylors Field, Midhurst. Imaginations were filled with images of pretty blossom and ripening fruit in the year to come. The fruit will be free for anyone to pick, the orchard is a place for the community to enjoy, its been described as 'a gift for life'. 

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