Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A piece of poetry for a summer's day

Many of us remember fondly the summers of our childhood, and during dark winter evening often dream of those seemingly endless summer days when school was finished and holidays ruled. Fun times of ice cream and seaside, or exploring fields beyond our homes, or meeting friends for football in the garden, are the ideals of many folk at the mention of summer. The recent hot spell of dry weather has meant I have been spending an increasing amount of time pottering with a watering can amongst thirsty plants; a pause after a busy day, a fabulous time for thinking. I was inspired to write a piece of poetry, it is called "Stay Awhile"...

I love Autumn, with her cloak of mellow mists and subtle perfume of smoke and rain-damp leaves; the rustle of the browning bracken, the shimmer of bronze, russet and green on pheasant feathers, and the delight of collecting fruit.
But Lady Summer there is no hurry; please, stay awhile. Do not rush. Mingle among the soft rose petals and hum in tune with the bees in the lavender by the garden path. Laze for an afternoon by the side of the lake, an audience for the golden insects there that dance their ballet in pools of light. Turn fluttering white butterflies to fairies in children’s heads and shady woodland to adventurous lands. Allow us each day a few more hours of playful light after work or school, between teatime and bed. Come with us now, tomorrow too, to lie in meadowland, with tassel-topped grasses waving high above our heads, tracing our fortune in the shapes we spot in scudding clouds.I look forward to Autumn, her fruits and morning chill, but for now Lady Summer, there is no hurry. Stay awhile. Do not rush.


  1. That's just lovely Sophie. You truly have a gift. Jan xx

  2. Who wouldnt want to 'stay awhile' & soak up the beautiful imagery & bathe in summer
    pure bliss