Friday, 19 July 2013

Heat wave days

The early morning cool is delightful after the heat of the past few days.
Keeping an eye on the pond's water levels, topping up birdbaths and watering thirsty plants have become an every day garden task. 

At the height of the sun there is a slight droop to the leaves of the birch whilst the oak has taken on it's dark green dusty summer hue, so different from the bronze and brilliant greens of spring. The dark eyed faces of the sun flowers track their namesake's progress across the sky with unfailing accuracy. Aeroplane contrails trace patterns in the blue, above flickering white gulls high in the haze. 

There is the constant chatter of sparrows from the gardens, and now and then the stamping of feet accompanied by laughter as children run down the road in pursuit on one game or another. 

The cool of early morning is already rising to heat of day. It will soon be time to retreat to shade and like a sunflower, watch the sun make its daily commute from east to west.

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