Monday, 5 August 2013

The Tale of the Loxwood Joust

A simple marquee marked the transition from the car park into the 15th century. Along the queue pedlars and jesters entertained the waiting visitors that craned their heads to see beyond the person ahead and catch a glimpse of the mediaeval world that awaited them. Smoke drifted gently up from the space within the trees, a camp-fire was being tended. The sound of cannon fire ricocheted around the meadow, signalling the start of the days entertainment. 

Midday. An expectant hush hung over the main arena, the sound of distant sword fighting and cannon and musket fire echoing from the neighbouring meadow. Suddenly a ripple of excitement passed along the gathered crowd and all heads turned towards the arena entrance as the thundering of hooves marked the arrival of the jousting Knights and their horses. The master of ceremonies stepped into the arena, pacing the rails and working the crowd with his story telling and imagery. 

Four brave Knights would battle in the joust for the rights to the land of Loxwood, to the cheers and boos of modern day peasants, ladies and lords, whose favours they carried with pride. 

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