Sunday, 6 October 2013

Fruit Fantastic

The weather has been uniquely generous to Britain's fruit growers this year. A long cold winter followed by a warm summer with high levels of sunshine has encouraged the fruit trees of our orchards, farms and secret hedgerow corners to produce, from confetti like petals of softest pink and snow white in spring, a bumper harvest that weighs heavy on gnarled branches in the mellow mists of autumn. 

One star of the show at this year's "Grow, Cook, Eat!" plant and food festival at West Dean Gardens (West Sussex) was the celebration of the country's fantastic history of fruit. With a mind boggling array of varieties, extensive expert knowledge on hand, and beautiful lovingly displayed examples, it was a fascinating experience  worthy I think you will agree, of a dedicated blog post all to itself. 

Here's to the glory of Apples and all of autumn's bounty!


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