Friday, 4 April 2014

Gardener's Birthday

This is Mr Sidney Barnes, a Brighton Corporation bus driver and conductor who through the war-time blackouts drove trolley-buses, trams and later double deckers up and down the streets and hills of Brighton. He was a great gardener, with a knack for flowers and veg, regularly winning prizes for his garden in the local corporation annual gardening competitions. I have heard he was a jovial, kind and generous man.
Sid also happens to be my Great-granddad, and today, would have been his 107th birthday.
I will always think of him when I see Auriculars, or straight rows of veg, or prune my roses (don't be afraid to prune them hard, or they get all straggly at the top, cut them right down low!).
Thanks Sid, time for a cuppa tea don't you reckon?
And hey! Great-Granddad? - Happy Birthday old timer xx

With Sid's Birthday in mind, and finding myself with a free day, I decided to visit a favourite local garden. West Dean Gardens is the perfect combination of formal and natural grounds and gardens, with a beautiful and perfectly proportioned traditional walled garden. Between the warm brick walls, spring flowers carpet the ground beneath heritage fruit trees, glasshouses sigh in the sunshine, and good earth is tilled so salad, veg and soft fruit run in rows or climb canes pointed towards the sky. 

I found a glasshouse filled with Auriculars, a secret warm corner filled with delicious scent of wallflowers, and bees nodding spring blooms. 


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