Friday, 18 April 2014


Nature makes the world go around; trees shade and shelter us, butterflies make us notice the sunshine, flowers help us express our feelings or love, regret, sympathy and joy. And birds? Birds are always there, mostly unnoticed, but around when you need them. 

It's the flickering of the morning sun on sleepy eyelids as it shines through the branches of the breeze-blown birch in the garden. 
It's the soothing song of the blackbird floating through the open window in the evening cool.
It's the childhood memory of the robin that followed grandfather's spade. 
It's watching children discovering the joy of tree climbing. 
It's the nettle sting on your knee.
It's the one house plant you've managed not to kill. 
It's the repeated notes of the song thrush as you walk across the car park.
It's the kestrel that perches on the telegraph wires at that bend in the road on the way to work. 
It's the daisies in the lawn on BBQ-ing afternoons. 
It's the first and last sight of swallows at each end of summer. 
It's that glimpse of bluebells in woodlands.
It's the singing of a stream.
It's getting up at dawn. 
It's the smell of the sea and that first holiday view. 
It's fresh strawberries; first of the summer.
It's purple-stained fingers after picking blackberries in the hedgerows.
It's the sunflower that grows taller than you.
It's the frost on your windscreen in winter. 
It's that Christmas-tree smell. 
It's playing conkers.
It's kicking piles of autumn leaves.
It's the wind that blows down the city street.
It's the pigeons that patrol the busy station platform, and the buddleia that grows by the rail track.
It's poetry and textbook.
It's classroom-window-gazing.
Its rain on the glass, and the rainbow that follows.
It's the ever-cheerful chirping of sparrows on the roof. 
Its the sunset on the horizon. It's the morning dew. 

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