Friday, 2 May 2014

Nightingales and Bells of Blue

  • In the silvery morning the woodland air glows with the scent of may blossom, bluebells & fresh rain, & quivers under the force of birdsong.
  • The woodland, hedgerows, waysides and fields are frothing with life; the soft foliage of wild wood sage, the drooping stacks of bells of blue, the filtered limelight in the canopy, the effervescent spill of cow parsley, the laden sweetly scented blossom boughs,  the campion's pink petal whirls, the dandelion's silver clocks. 

It is mayday weekend, spring is in its full voluptuous blossoming and the sun grows stronger with each passing noon. 
If Spring were a person you could almost say you could see the fields greening where her blessed footsteps pass and where her cloak of dew drops lays.

April and May are the months of bird song, and although it has been said before, and undoubtedly will be said again, surely the king of all the songsters is the Nightingale.
His heartfelt out pouring of song has stirred the cynical heart of many a poet over the centuries, although the bird's increasing scarcity now adds a different level of thrill when a volley of his notes catch you unaware, halting your walks and compelling you to simply stand and breathless listen. At times he is joined in his chorus by blackcap and whitethroat, willow warbler and chiffchaff, blackbird and song thrush, soft coos of wood pigeon, deliberate phrasing of robin, explosions of wren and that two-note call of summer cuckoo.
(From SophiEco Wild YouTube Channel - Photography & Sound recording by Sophie-May Lewis, copyright 2014)

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  1. wow! forest of my dreams... I love blue flowers..
    great discovery

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