Thursday, 10 July 2014

Simple Words

The Tragedy

You see these things on the news,
Between the union-strikes and the war-scape views.
It's always said to have happened yesterday,
In a grey and crowded city, far away,
Not here, not our town, not today. 
The interviewed always say the same:
"It really is such an awful shame.
It's a very quiet neighbourhood, 
We never expected it, who ever would?"
And so, dear unknown neighbour,
Passer by, familiar stranger.
What would you say now, to see this sight,
A gathering of flowers has formed overnight.
All in your memory, with thoughts from the heart,
For a life, a family, broken apart.
Let me tell you, the messages are kind,
And each with these simple words is signed:
Now your life has come to cease,
May you forever Rest In Peace.

Words and Photo © Copyright Sophie May Lewis

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