Sunday, 5 October 2014

Slow Sunday - The Calm Before the Storm

5th of October, and my fifth day on the Isles of Scilly. It has been a quiet week so far,with a few overnight showers, and a running total of 25 bird species on my 'Scilly List'. The latest addition was Snow Bunting, a new life 'tick' for me as I have missed these delightful little characters when they have dropped in at home in Sussex before. 
But all that may be about to change...
Outside, above the shelter of the stone build battery that is my home for the month, the wind is picking up, toying with the dried grass and seed heads on the cliff top and buffeting the gulls on their grey rocks. 

The weather forecast is predicting more rain tonight, and winds. Strong winds potentially gusting up to 60mph and gradually shifting from southerly to more westerly directions. Birder's are gathering on the islands, a few more arrive with each docking of the Scillonian. The quiet weekend has left them kicking their heels around Hugh Town, wandering the hedgerows of St Mary's or checking the times of boats to the other islands wondering if theres something out there no-one else has spotted. The strong winds may keep us holed up in the shelter of our homes for the night, but it is likely to blow in many birds, exhausted from their long flight over the oceans, and confused to find themselves in an unplanned location. 
I went for a wander into Hugh Town this morning, and pottered around on the beach, picking up frosted sea glass and gleaming shells. A few gulls mewed, church bells pealed, dark windows of sunday-closed shops gazed at a quiet street, the wind sighed in the palm trees. 
Siting here on the sofa with thoughts turning to lunch, it is easy to not feel the passing of time, almost disconnected from the world above ground. I have just heard a report of a Barred Warbler near the Hospital. 
Perhaps I'll go to see it later...

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