Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Going west

My bags are packed and plans are made. I have dug out the maps and printed out the family tree. I have already been heard to mutter the words "Are we nearly there yet?".
I am off on my holidays the first week of September, going west to Cornwall!

I have many fond memories of childhood holidays in the far south western tip of the country; Marking the passage of the days by the height of the tide along the river channels where bright white little egrets stalked the shadows beneath over hanging oaks and grey herons flapped slowly upstream. Eating pasties, so hot they burn our mouths, hunkered down out of the wind behind a lichen encrusted wall, where Shetland ponies graze the serpentine headland. I followed the call of a cuckoo around the Cheesering, counted the Merry Maidens more than once in both directions, and planted my feet in centuries of history at Chyauster whilst watching the weather pass over Mounts bay. I used the last photo on the roll of film in my camera for yet another shot of St Michaels Mount. Sunshine streamed through stain glass windows, making rainbow patterns on the stonework of Truro cathedral. 

This year's visit is a chance to pursue a deeper connection with the land beyond the Tamar, and research my family's ancestry. 

Whilst I am away, Autumn will settle in here in Sussex. I look forward to discovering all it's beauties and delights on my return home. 

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