Thursday, 29 October 2015

Wild About Gardens Week - Watery Wonderlands

Water is essential for wildlife - from birds to bees! 
All the creatures which visit your garden, even some of the insects, will need to drink, many will also need a place to bathe, and there are some which will even breed in water or live most of their lives beneath the surface! 

I always make sure that there is fresh water available near my bird feeders throughout the year; keeping it topped up in summer and ice free in winter. In dry weather or in a winter freeze, water can be really hard for wildlife to find!
A top tip I will be trying out this winter, is to float a ping-pong ball or similar on the waters surface, as the wind blows it around it should help to stop the water freezing solid as it moves, ensuring ice free access!

I have a small pond and love to watch the wildlife making the most of it. Birds visit to drink and bathe, snails creep beneath the surface, and a frog often peers at me from amongst the weed (the frog spends lots of it's time out and about in the garden munching on slugs and other garden pests, but has to keep damp and rests in the water during the day). A damselfly emerged from the waters this summer and tiny toadlet turned up recently too! 

Earlier in the year I snapped these photos of water boatmen: 

Whether you have a huge country estate or a high-rise balcony there are ways to include water into your garden. Check out these tips and why not try building your own pond this autumn, or put out a dish of water and see who visits! Good luck!

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